Short pieces of content that you can watch between meetings or before an interview. They get you up to speed quickly with a few structured skills and insights you can use right away.
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Maz Farrelly on How to Un-Bore Your Business

Masterclass Length: 19m

Author and comic Maz Farrelly says it isn't your consumer's job to be interested in what you say, it's up to you to be interesting. Don't just hold onto hope; you need a real strategy. One of the hardest things to do in a world where there are too many messages is to lose the white noise. Create memorable, sticky information. Be different. Be a real storyteller.
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Gary Vaynerchuk on Leadership and Learning

Masterclass length: 12m
Gary Vaynerchuk is founder of VaynerX and social media company VaynerMedia. He talks changing consumer behavior and suggestions for a post-pandemic world.
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Rory Sutherland on Creativity

Masterclass length: 18m
Ogilvy's Rory Sutherland is already a legend in his own lifetime with his amusing, erudite take on everything from behavioral economics to ideas. Here he talks creative ideation and how anyone can do it.
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Lisa Gilbert on Leadership

Masterclass length: 8m
Lisa Gilbert talks Leadership in this masterclass. She takes you through her 5Cs of how to lead in a remote working world, covering everything from emotional health through to productive working choices.
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Jason Harris on Persuasion

Masterclass length: 25m
The founder of agency Mekanism takes you through his 11 steps that can make anybody persuasive and influential (while keeping true to your own style).
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Christina Ferzli on Brand Authenticity

Masterlcass length: 5m
Christina Ferzli, Head of Global Corp. Affairs & Comms has dedicated her career to building a healthier future. Now, elevating brand authenticity has never been more critical.
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Jules Lund on Maestro of Influence

Masterclass length: 25m
Jules Lund, founder of influencer marketing business Tribe, presents a masterclass in how to understand influencer marketing as it works right now. 
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Malcolm Poynton on Remote Working

Masterclass length: 14m
Cheil's Malcolm Poynton tackles a topic that almost every brand has had to deal with in the last year - effective remote working, providing insights for those still adjusting.

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