Celebrating Black Creators

This #BlackHistoryMonth, we're spotlighting the great minds who influence people, business and culture with their creativity. 
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The Iconic Everyman: A Conversation with Kenan Thompson

Kenan Thompson discusses the key to longevity of his three decades plus career and how that has shaped his experience as a brand partner within the ever-changing world of celebrity marketing.
Featured Speakers

The Spotlight

Whether they joined us live on stage or virtually, these great minds took the time to share their insights and experiences at Advertising Week events.

Clara Amfo

TV and Radio Personality

Thai Randolph


Kenan Thompson

Actor, Comedian & Producer

Kenny Mitchell
Chief Marketing Officer
Snap, Inc

Candace Marie
Founder & CEO
Black in Corporate

Bonin Bough
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Group Black

Tawana Murphy Burnett
Head of Global Clients & Categories
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Thinking Outside The Box

McDonald’s has been at the forefront of culture since its inception and, over the years, has increasingly turned to more innovative approaches to create campaigns that drive relevance with a core demographic, Gen Z. More than half of Gen Zers now feel it is more important for brands to build connections with them.

McDonald’s Jennifer Healan and Snapchat’s CMO Kenny Mitchell discuss how to connect with Gen Z and build immersive Augmented Reality experiences, enhancing customer experiences and driving results.

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Commerce in Color

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Redefining 'Good' Content — On the TV Screen and Beyond

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ElevateHER: Impactful Brand Messaging for Millennials and Gen Z Women in the Age of ‘Quiet Quitting’

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The Roundel Media Fund

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Communicating Your Values Through Brand Storytelling with Al Roker and John Deere

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What’s Real, What’s Next and What’s the Noise?

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Make Inclusion Meaningful

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How Can the Industry Meaningfully Move the Dial on Race Equity?

In Conversation with

Clara Amfo, Munya Chawawa & Francis Bourgeois

How can brands appeal to Gen Z? Popular stars Clara Amfo, Munya Chawawa and Francis Bourgeois take to the headline stage — along with their management team, leading talent agency YMU Group — to talk openly about collaborating creatively with brands, media owners and platforms.

The panelists share firsthand their experiences of:

  • Creating content that resonates with Gen Z audiences
  • Partnering with brands that align with their values
  • The intersection of entertainment, culture, music and fashion
  • Collaborating most effectively with brands and talent on content campaigns
  • How they see brand partnerships with talent and creators evolving.
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Conversations from Down Under

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Can’t Stop the Music: A CTV Growth Story!

The music video has proven to be evergreen in its universal appeal as a content set for consumers but equally evergreen in its ability to adapt to the dominant form factor of the day.

Watch as we explore the enduring power of the art form that is the music video. Why music videos are more impactful than ever on CTV, and why more than any other content set, music videos continue to have enduring cultural relevance to consumers of all ages.
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Built to Connect: Brand Building in a New Era

Helping people connect, find communities and grow businesses is at the heart of Meta technologies. And we want to help businesses build brands that are worth connecting with.

This session is a showcase of “The Future of Branding” — new creative format ideas, the storytelling power of the individual and effective measurement tools to build products and brands. And the metaverse — which, for us, is the next evolution of digital connection.