Introduction to Marketing Strategy

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  • Author: Ruth Mortimer
  • Level: General
  • Study time: 10 hours
  • Quiz time: 30 minutes
  • Assessments: Required
Course overview
The fundamentals of marketing strategy from personas through to planning.
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Certification included
Learn how to evaluate the market, understand which potential customers to target and plan to reach them. This course takes you through market orientation, personas, budgeting and much more as you set out your marketing strategy.

What's included?

Tests and Assessment

This course features tests and a final assessment with certification so that you can evaluate your learning and demonstrate your new knowledge.

Multimedia Education

This course uses a mix of formats, including videos, text, downloadable exercises and more to provide a rounded learning experience.

Real-Life Examples

This course is based on the experience of real-life marketers who have to use marketing strategies everyday in their roles.