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The AWLearn platform is designed to provide you with skills using various tools. Lessons are composed of videos, audio snippets, quizzes and assessments.

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We take strategies and knowledge learned from the world's leading brands to allow our learners to implement lessons in their roles or grow their careers immediately.

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Suitable whether you want to gain knowledge within your current role or boost your career by learning the latest digital and marketing techniques.

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AWLearn is a self-paced journey, meaning you decide when and where you complete coursework and activities. Enhance your skillset and further your career today. (CPD Certificates are available for our courses.)
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Learning Paths

We draw together videos, articles and more to get you up to speed on the latest thinking in different areas. Great to help you put together a presentation, ace an interview or stay in the know.


Short pieces of content that you can watch between meetings or before an interview. They get you up to speed quickly with a few structured skills and insights you can use right away.


Our courses are in-depth, multimedia dives into core topics. These are the type of courses that help you switch careers, improve your effectiveness in the job now or immerse you in a topic.

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Quantum Marketing with Raja Rajamannar

Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard’s global chief marketer and president of the World Federation of Advertisers, sets out the future of marketing with this new approach to marketing strategy based on his book - Quantum Marketing. Take our premium course and learn direct from one of the most powerful marketers in the world how to build your career today.
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Paul Caplan

Course Leader, MA Advertising
London College of Communications and University of Arts, London
"AWLearn offers my students an unprecedented archive of industry-relevant debates and insights. I use these to spark discussions in class, focus my students on real industry debates and prepare them for the world of work. My students use AWLearn to spark their creativity, focus their strategic thinking and develop their employability."

Creative Branding with Fernando Machado

Fernando Machado, one of the most accomplished and decorated marketers in the world is chief marketing officer at Activision. Formerly the Global CMO of Restaurant Group International (Burger King, Popeyes, Tim Hortons and Firehouse Subs), Fernando and his head of design at Burger King team up with the agency JKR to show you how to carry out a branding project. 
You’ll further your career as a marketer by understanding how to appraise creative work and make an impact on any budget.
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Core Skills In Marketing

Our courses are in-depth, multimedia dives into core topics. These are the type of courses that help you prepare for a new role, improve your effectiveness in the job you're doing right now or immerse you in the detail of a topic.
Introduction to Ecommerce Marketing
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Introduction to Marketing Strategy
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Brands That Learn With Us

Some of the world's most exciting and innovative brands use AWLearn to grow their industry knowledge and enhance job performance.

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